How Cal Expo disappears the opposition – Exposed!

Granted, Cal Expo isn’t the brightest bulb among California’s public agencies, but this item had even us wondering if maybe someone forgot to plug them in. We think general manager Bartosik makes our case, but you decide.

First, our communication to Cal Expo:

September 15, 2010

[Sent Via Email]

Board of Directors, Cal Expo
Director Albiani, Chair
Director Cuneo, OP & Planning Committee, Chair
Members of the Board,

Dear Directors,

We remain puzzled by the fact that neither our CEAV Project proposal or Movable Fair concept, nor Mr. Tatara’s ‘New State Fair’ proposal, are included in your ‘Cal Expo Redevelopment Project’ section of your website for direct public view and consideration. Nor do we find any direct access to those materials which appeared only briefly in your agenda for the Operations & Planning Committee meeting of July 30th and now are consigned to some archive not directly and conveniently accessible. It gives the appearance that part of Cal Expo’s strategy is to limit public consideration to a few pre-determined choices and to treat other ideas (especially those from the general public) as if they didn’t exist. Certainly, such omission of our work gives the appearance that Cal Expo does not wish the public to view any alternatives other than those from a few select developer’s pre-chosen by Cal Expo.

Red Slider, steward
The CEAV Project

[You may wish to check out the Cal Expo website and see if you can find the Tatara or CEAV proposals. Ah, LATE BREAKING NEWS! CAL EXPO JUST POSTED THE TATARA AND CEAV PROPOSALS ON THEIR WEBSITE’S ‘REDEVELOPMENT’ LINK (Somebody must have plugged Bartosik back in) In any case, our case in point remains instructive on how Cal Expo has operated in the past and how they will likely continue to regard public interest and opposition to their plans in the future.]

This was Bartosik’s reply to the above email:

[from Norbert J. Bartosik, Sept 16, 2010:]

Mr. Slider:

In response to your email below, let me suggest the following:

* Once a document is received at the Cal Expo offices and publicly reviewed by it governing body, it becomes a public document.

* A public document is available for anyone to view it in the administrative offices by simply making an appointment to review it.

* The material you mention was available on our website with all Board materials for approximately 40 days. (This is more than ample time for any interested public viewer to review.)

* We are under no requirement to keep this information posted to the Cal Expo web site.

* In the interest of convenience, we will have the information re-posted until such time as space available or a Board action would direct this to change.

* Contrary to your suggestion, the reason for the current information being posted is that it is part of the agenda for this month's regular Board meeting and a topic for open Board and public discussion and possible action by the Board.

* There are no "…select developer's pre-chosen by Cal Expo."

That’s it. We’ll let you decide if Mr. Bartosik has made our case.


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