LOU-CX Board (1)

Cal Expo/NBA Arena Land-Swap Politics

CEAV accuses Cal Expo of violating terms of contract with NBA,  permitting Land-Swap arena developer Gerry Kamilos to jump ahead of other proposal candidates.

[The following letter was sent to the Cal Expo Board of Directors on February 25th,  the day before they were scheduled to hear comment from developer Gerry Kamilos: ]

Mr Albiani, Chair,
Board Members
Cal Expo Board of DirectorsSubject:  Apparent  Violation of  Cal Expo’s  ‘Letter of Understanding’ (L.O.U.) with the NBA

[SENT via Email]

Mr. Albiani, Board Members,

It appears that both the Cal Expo Board of Directors and the National Basketball Association (NBA) are in violation of your current ‘Letter of Understanding’ (L.O.U.) with the NBA; in particular, Clause 3.B; to wit:

3-B.   “While this LOU remains in effect, the parties shall negotiate exclusively and in good faith with each other with respect to the development of the Cal Expo site; specifically, Cal Expo will not solicit, initiate, encourage, or engage in any discussions or negotiations with a third party concerning the long term development of the Cal Expo site, excluding discussions and negotiations relating to on-going business operations that would not, if consummated, be materially disruptive to, or inconsistent with, the Proposed Project; and NBA Sacramento will not solicit, initiate, encourage, or engage in any discussions or negotiations relating to the location and development of a new basketball arena on some other site located within the greater Sacramento area.”

It seems clear that your discussions with Mr. Kamilos (a “third-party”) and your invitations for him to present material to, or discuss matters with, the Cal Expo Board or its committees and staff, including tomorrow’s anticipated discussion on Mr. Kamilos’ response to Board questions,  are in breach of that agreement.

The CEAV Project requests that the Board of Directors of Cal Expo cease all such discussion immediately and, refrain from further contact with the Kamilos group or any other plans impacting the terms of your current LOU with the NBA  until and unless that matter is properly and publicly addressed and resolved by a regular action of your Board.  This request is exclusive of any other considerations which might alter the standing of the current LOU such as CEAV’s previous complaint that the LOU, in forbidding such discussion, engages in a conflict of interest and breach of your obligations to serve the public and their interests.


Red Slider

- - - - - - - - - -
Red Slider, steward
The CEAV Project
California Advocates for the 21st Century
P.O. Box 661747   Sacramento, CA  95866
www.ceav.us  -   www.stopcalexpo.wordpress.com
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