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Cal Expo Board Attempts to Nullify ‘Nullification’

In contempt of public process, Cal Expo pulls fast one to get around its own rules – Dissolves its contract with NBA in response To CEAV letter accusing Board of agreement violations.

In blatant contempt of public processes and its own rules, Cal Expo once again ignores letter and spirit of fair process by attempting to sweep away agreements it has long used to block the public from participating in the process of deciding the future of the California Exposition and State Fair.

The day after The CEAV Project informed the Board members of Cal Expo that they were in violation of their ‘Letter of Understanding’ with the NBA, which forbid them to hear any proposals other than the failed effort to site a new sports-arena on their current public land holdings (see prior post),  Cal Expo unanimously voted to simply end its agreement with the NBA, thus clearing the way for Land-Swap developer Gerry Kamilos to speak to the Board that same afternoon. This blatant move to clear the way for the Boards obvious favoritism for a single developer, well ahead of ongoing considerations by the City of Sacramento of other proposal candidates, is but another instance of Cal Expo’s long-standing contempt for the public.

It remains to be seen, now that they have (perhaps) undone one of the hallmarks of their own double-dealing,  if Cal Expo will fairly hear other options and alternatives from the public or, will remain fixated on their own agenda to destroy the public commons they have been entrusted to steward for all the people of California by cementing it over with private development.

This is not likely since Cal Expo sought fit to make its ‘oops-let’s-get-rid-of-that’ gesture and nullify its contract with the NBA only moments after CEAV and Doug Tatara (one of the candidate developers) both objected to the scheduled appearance of developer Gerry Kamilos at the Board Meeting later in the day.


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