LOU (3)

Cal Expo / Kamilos / NBA agreement violations (cont.)


[continuing analysis of Cal Expo manipulation of public processes]
A letter from The CEAV Project (previous post) charging Cal Expo with contract violations of their agreement with the NBA was sent to the Cal Expo Board of Directors on February 25, the day before the Cal Expo Board was scheduled to meet and hear developer Gerry Kamilos speak on aspects of his Kamilos’ Land-Swap Proposal. Once again jumping the gun over the other sixth proposal candidates, Kamilos and the NBA continue to lead the Sacramento City Council, Cal Expo and the state down their private garden path – to a deal filled with financial risk, destruction of California-owned public land (the last major urban public commons in the state), and political intrigues that would make Machiavelli blush. CEAV’s communication was intended to prevent the Kamilos ‘Land-Swap’ group from jumping the gun to get public agencies in their court before anyone else has a chance.

The CEAV Project, seeking to preserve the land for public use and future generations of Californians (go to http://www.ceav.us) was attempting to prevent the Kamilos maneuver to speak to Cal Expo about their proposal, ignoring the other six applicants. Raising the specter of an existing agreement between Cal Expo and the NBA, CEAV pointed to the fact that Cal Expo already had a ‘Letter of Understanding’ that forbid Cal Expo to “solicit, initiate, encourage, or engage in any discussions or negotiations with a third party concerning the long term development of the Cal Expo site….” Clearly, the contacts between the Kamilos Land-Swap group and Cal Expo are in violation of that agreement.

For more than a year, Cal Expo has been using that document (LOU) as an excuse to block the public and all other interested parties from having any real say in the matter of what happens to Cal Expo’s state-owned land holdings by refusing to accept or hear their alternative ideas or even discuss options that might thwart their intentions to privately develop the property as townhouses, shopping malls and other for-profit ventures.

The six other proposal candidates, who are still waiting patiently for the Mayor’s committee, ‘Sacramento First’ to select the best design and location choice(s) for a new Kings arena (expected on March 11th) have virtually been upstaged and cut out of the loop in this pre-game maneuvering. Doug Tatara, one of the proposal candidates, also provided the Cal Expo Board with public input supporting CEAV’s contention that their LOU had been employed to thwart hearing other options to Kamilos’ Land Swap scheme. Tatara stated that his group also experienced being denied access to being heard by Cal Expo which used their ‘Letter of Understanding’ as an excuse, and further accused Cal Expo of permitting Kamilos to jump ahead of everyone else by not applying the same rules to the Land-Swap group.

In the meantime, Kamilos’ who apparently has no appetite for the orderly, fair and open process of City government, is plunging ahead full-tilt to manipulate his group’s way into all of the principle venues of state and local (&perhaps, federal) government to get his way – and that juicy contract.

The CEAV Project (www.ceav.us)


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