Sac Green

Sacramento Green, California Green, Amercian Green

You want green? Well, put away your Crayola box, ’cause those colors ain’t included.

Green Jobs will not be listed in the ‘Fingerpaint Section’ of the Sacramento Bee Want-Ads.

Green Economies will not be built by clipping coupons for the  ‘Build-it’ Dept. at Home Depot.

& Green planets  will not come in shiny, transparent plastic wrappers.

To get those particular shades of green, the perfect colors for local, state, national and world-sized ‘coloring books’ you need to think outside the little boxes of the 20th century and the minds and politics that live in them – way outside the box.  You have to think globally and act locally . You have to think ‘CEAV‘ (“Cal Expo – An Alternate Vision”).

If Cal Expo does not turn over its land to private developers this is what can happen:

  • Sacramento can become the global hub and destination for showcasing the advanced technologies, products and services that will be used to restore our planet’s health, well into the next century;

  • Sacramento can establish itself as the showcase and center of green technology, education and practices for the entire state, for the nation;

  • Sacramento’s economy can grow and prosper well beyond the few come&go construction jobs and secondary commercial benefits of a few large-scale projects and an extra 400 acres of townhouses and shopping malls;

  • Sacramento’s children will have exposure and opportunity well beyond anything our teachers and parents can even imagine. They will have a front-row seat to enter the 21st century equipped with vision and skills unequaled and unparalleled anywhere else in the world;

That is thinking globally. It cannot happen overnight. It may take half a century to really bloom as it should.  But to get there, to replace the perfect storm of perpetual crises with a perfect garden of sustainable abundance we can and must act locally.

The first step is: preserve the land that Cal Expo now occupies.   We must not  pave it over with more ‘market-driven’ mixed-use development. There are other places to do that – sensibly, profitably and, yes, greenly.  The land Cal Expo  presently occupies sits at the crossroads of a unique moment in history and a unique place in California’s political, social and economic geography.

If we trade it away for momentary gains in some complicated land-swap scheme for a sports arena, it is gone forever.  Think about that.  For ten or fifteen years we  get a few jobs, a little entertainment, a basketball court and a small boost in tourism After that?  Probably a white elephant sitting on what could have been the vibrant center of the world.

Think about that, go to the CEAV website  and ask, do we really want to mortgage our future? Do we really want to take this opportunity for the generations of children to come and sell it off so that the Sacramento Kings can have a shiny new arena built by a particular developer at a particular location with some strange financing scheme?  I don’t think so. A sports-arena, good idea.  Destroying valuable public commons, “Never!”

We can have the arena and more. In a future post we will describe how even the new arena can profit from leaving  Cal Expo alone.  We will reveal a plan to put the arena on the global map for the entire sports community (from tennis and hockey to hiking and bicycles) – not just basketball and “entertainment” – a concept that will also help finance and underwrite the arena without the need for complex and doubtful land-swap schemes. But CEAV’s first mission is to save the current Cal Expo site.

Next post:  we will be talking about ‘Acting Locally’ – how the reality of a CEAV-like (‘act locally’) vision can begin almost immediately, even though a mature vision may take many decades (‘think globally’)

Future post:  “What about my traditional Fair? What happens to that? What happens to my horse racing?”


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